Saturday 18 August 2012

Southbank Chocolate festival- April 2012

We spent a sunny Sunday afternoon perusing the chocolate stalls at the Southbank’s Chocolate festival. I stumbled across this through Twitter and promptly dragged my other half up into town to pay the festival a visit. 
The Southbank was thronging with people and we had to battle our way to the front of the stalls. There were many chocolate wonders to behold including cupcakes, brownies, icecream, fudge, pancakes and even beer! 
A surprising combination that worked well and tasted well, mostly like beer!
Delicious chocolate and blueberry- a shot was enough for me!
A very busy Southbank full of chocolate lovers. Not quite the idyllic Easter chocolate festival as shown on in Chocolat but definitely worth a visit to enjoy the samples!

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