Saturday 18 August 2012

Rock of Ages- a musical not to be missed

I hadn’t heard of Rock of Ages when I was given the opportunity to see it the other night and went along with no idea of what I had signed up to see. When we walked into the theatre and found ourselves in the 1980’s LA sunset strip, we knew this would either be really good or terribly bad. Well, it was fantastic!

Rock of Ages is an all singing and dancing tribute to 1980’s rock. It includes songs from White Snakes, Bon Jovi and Journey. Whilst the storyline itself isn’t original (and the narrator makes fun of this), the premise of the whole musical is and it serves up plenty of opportunities to have a laugh, dance and sing along. The cast are all great and I was pleasantly surprised by both Justin Lee Collins and Shayne Ward’s performances. Ladies, Shayne Ward is a particularly pleasant surprise…
This musical has been described as a ‘guilty pleasure’ and I totally agree. I defy anyone not to be up and dancing by the end of the show waving their fake lighters* in the air!
*Fake lighters are an audience must and you will be given one when you take your seat!

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