Saturday 18 August 2012

My first forray into creative writing, a new take on the Cinderella story…

She opened her eyes and for a moment she felt numb. She couldn’t feel her toes and there seemed to be a ringing in her ears. And then it hit her. It was as if a heavy load of bricks had fallen on her head. Lily shut her eyes tightly to try and block out the pain, oh no, she thought, how much pumpkin juice did I drink last night? Lily tried to recall the events from the night before but with little success. The memories seemed to fly above her head just out of reach like fireflies desperate not to be caught. She sat up in her bed and looked around her. Her normally immaculate room was in state of disarray. Clothes were hanging from the door knob, the chair and the curtain rail; empty bottles of pumpkin juice were lying at the foot of her bed, and the glitter! Oh there was glitter everywhere, it clung to the walls, was embedded in the carpet and there on her grandmother’s antique mirror it was written:
‘Find your prince charming’.
What on earth happened last night? Lily murmured somewhat groggily...
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